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Brings a practical perspective to complex business issues.

RETIRED ATTORNEY SARI ANN STRASBURG established the firm in 2003 to provide personalized legal advice and general counsel services to business clients. She retired from the practice of law in New Hampshire and Massachusetts in 2023. She is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in New Hampshire and Illinois.

Effective June 1, 2023: The firm is not accepting clients for legal work.


Your business is unique. It deserves more than cookie cutter advice and generic documents downloaded from a web site or generated by artificial intelligence. You want your questions answered by someone with the experience to provide options that you did not consider, not layers of lawyers writing and reviewing memos to run up your bill. You want well thought-out solutions to minimize the risk of lawsuits.

Do you want advice and support for your business but don't need (or want) a full-time inhouse counsel?

  • Are you growing revenue from technology and innovation?

  • Do you license and deliver Software as a Service?

  • Does your subscription model work for you?

  • How do you handle support and maintenance?

  • Do you have supplier or distributor concerns? Do they meet their obligations?

  • Are you re-working product not manufactured to your specifications?

  • Do you retain key employees? Have you addressed confidentiality?

  • Is your brand recognized? Are you managing trademarks and domain names?

  • Do you want to expand to other states or other countries?

  • Is your strategic plan current?

  • Are you in a position to buy or be bought?

  • Have you done tax planning? Can you afford the future?

  • Who are your Board members or advisors? Are they diverse and independent?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, it's time to have a strategic advisor on your team. Contact Sari regarding Consulting Services!


Sari Ann Strasburg provides operations and tax planning services for:


RETIRED ATTORNEY SARI ANN STRASBURG has 40 years of experience providing legal and tax planning services to the business community. Although Sari retired from the practice of law in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, she is a licensed Certified Public Accountant with extensive professional success with US and international manufacturing, technology, distribution, and service companies.

Sari focuses on business clients, providing general counsel, governance, transactional and tax advice to US and international companies. With experience as a Director and in-house General Counsel, she can join your Board of Directors.

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